The main feature of the Biosphere Park is the collective management, the exchange of views and practices, and decision-making in the public interest. The management of the Biosphere Reserve / Park is the subject of a collective body which requires the establishment of a Management Board or Committee to plan and coordinate activities with the participation of all stakeholders. The Biosphere Park guarantees cooperation among all stakeholders for a more responsible lifestyle. According to the requirements of the Seville Strategy, the management of the biosphere park must be open, flexible and adaptable so as to enable the local community to respond to external political, economic and social impacts that may negatively affect the ecological and cultural value of the site.

The Biosphere Park provides an opportunity for stakeholders to participate in its governance through a cooperative management structure – a Consultative Council composed of representatives of local non-governmental organizations, business associations, universities, local government and others. It is the Consultative Council that plans and coordinates the Park management activities with the participation of all stakeholders.

By Order № A-477 / 04.04.2017 of the Mayor of Assenovgrad Municipality, an Advisory Council of the Chervenata Stena Biosphere Park was appointed.

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// Правилник за дейността на КС на БП Червената стена